Vinyl siding is the most popular type of product for the exterior of homes in the United States.  It adds curb appeal and value to a home, while having the lowest installation cost of all other materials, because it goes up faster and does not need the added step of painting or staining.  And it has the lowest maintenance cost.  It won't rot like wood.  It never needs to be painted.  It can be cleaned with a mild soap, an ordinary long-handled soft bristle brush and a garden hose.

           It adds beauty to a home and offers many designer options.  It comes in over 300 ASTM certified colors from pastels to barn reds and hunter greens.  It comes in various styles including 4 or 5 inch Dutch lap, 3, 4 or 5 Standard Lap; smooth and woodgrain textures; horizontal and vertical panels; as well as various shapes such as Scallops and Fishscales.  There is also attractive trim and a variety of accent accessories.

           It is durable, can withstand high winds, resists heat and cold, provides exceptional rain-screening performance and retains its color.  Insulated vinyl siding contributes to savings in energy consumption.  Because it is made primarily of PVC, it does not ignite quickly and is flame-retardant.

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